I used that word in a conversation the other day.

Everyone stared at me. I think it’s a word! Meaning “diverging from, but related to, the current topic.”

I really have so much more to write about this process. My dreams of an umbrella company of educational products, designed for learning disabled students. The offshoot, The History of book sets. So much.

But first, can we discuss how people work at home?! Being a teacher for so long, I just realized this summer how regimented my life was. I knew when I could eat. I knew when I could pee. I knew when I needed to teach kids. Even longer term events are hard-wired into teachers’ brains – report cards, check! IEPs, check! Open house, check!

I think in the past I have hit summer and just marinated. Oh, I have a list of things to do! They just never have gotten done. Vacation, family time, reading, gardening – it all took up all of my time.

This summer I have been very stern with myself (for about half of each day). I figured, “This is not summer break! You are now self-employed!” But how do you self-employ when there is no outside regulation device?

I still get up very early and have coffee. I have played around with what works best to stay productive. If I stay in bed and work on the computer, chances are I will never put on pants or brush my teeth. I have been dabbling in some freelance curriculum development and education-related writing that has helped with grocery money. But I’m always thinking, “Just a little bit longer and you can be done for the day!” Then it’s noon and I’m not wearing pants.

If I work out first, walk the dog, start a yard project or a house project, I wake up out of a daze some time later wondering where the day went. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch. All because the kids aren’t going out to recess to remind me it’s eating time.

So to all of the teachers gearing up for back to school, go get ’em! To any of you who pretend to work at home, please send help! I’m still working on finding a balance.

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