My Kickstarter is live!

Here it is!

Update: Mike told me the link wasn’t working on this page last night, it just plays the video. Hopefully this works 🙂

I have a cousin by marriage that was a part of a VERY successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago, and that is the only reason I know this platform exists! But what a great idea, to help people launch their creative ideas…

As the costs of this project have added up, and my saved income rapidly dwindles, I quickly recognized that I need help producing these books. I decided to start the Kickstarter campaign because it can get my first 5 book set published, which will hopefully create a funding cycle that will sustain itself.

I have been very conflicted about this – going hat in hand looking for money is not my usual jam. Last October, Santa Rosa, Kenwood, Sonoma, Glen Ellen, and Napa were devestated by crazy wildfires that destroyed many lives and dreams. In tandem with that, the housing market in this area has been bonkers, and only got worse after the fires. I do not at all want to burden people who are struggling.  I guess my hope is that this campaign will get shared around, and be discovered by those with the resources to help.

I have spent weeks working on the campaign, mainly because of the anxiety and exposure of starting a huge project like this. Also, Kickstarter makes it pretty clear you should include a video :/

Once I accepted that I needed a video, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack for about two weeks.  And I love public speaking! Watching myself talk, not so much.  My daughter and her boyfriend were in town yesterday, so I conscripted them into heading down to my old classroom. I didn’t prepare a script, and the video performance is NOT perfect. It does convey my nerves perfectly, but also my mission, I think.

With this huge “to do” crossed off my list, I am ready to start the submission process for my first book, Bonnie & Clyde. But getting this approved and live today has been a huge milestone. Fingers crossed!

I will use this blog page to give updates about how things are going, and to recognize contributors to this process. Stay tuned!


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