Some Days are Just Awesome

Kickstarter update: Since yesterday (thanks again, mom!) I have gotten 2 pledges from unnamed donors, and one from my dear friend Wyoming Irwin.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I posted my first update, and am feeling remarkable!

Jesse’s house is still standing for now, after the fire in Bachelor Valley really stalled for most of yesterday. I need to find out if fire crews were working in there because it was looking so bad and then didn’t get worse. Well, yesterday anyway.

Another amazing thing that happened – I stumbled upon the Dallas Municipal Archives yesterday and reached out about using some of their original photos for Bonnie and Clyde and Floyd Hamilton (which I think I might make the 2nd book now).  This morning I got the response that their use rates are INCREDIBLY CHEAP! Now, I have emailed them back just to make sure it’s true, but after dealing with Getty and Associated Press ($$$$), I feel so grateful and excited!

The biggest challenge in this process is staying positive when the going gets tough – it is easy to lose sight of the confidence I have, the expertise in teaching and child development, and the vision I have to create a truly exceptional book series. Add in a dash of difficult life events, and I admit I have wobbled a bit the last couple of days!

It is 9 am in California, but I’m calling it – today is going to be a good day!

One thought on “Some Days are Just Awesome

  1. This letter is so sweet! After years of watching you teach, and knowing you gave 150% to your “kids”, it’s no wonder they love you so much! And good to hear Jesse’s house is still standing! Love to all from Mom and John!


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